Simple Rules Engine (SRE) is a cloud computing based enterprise BRMS/BRE designed for simplicity and affordability. SRE acts as a "Corporate Brain" and when combined with an ESB provides a complete "Corporate Nervous System" that enables real-time business control. SRE accelerates your IT department's response time for system changes via "Configuration over Coding".

Why use a BRMS/BRE

Does your organization exhibit any of the following warning signs listed below? If so, SRE is the only simple and affordable cloud-based BRMS/BRE designed specifically to mitigate these business issues:

  • Does your organization lack agility -- every new strategic initiative is like starting from scratch?
  • Does your organization panic when employees with critical knowledge leave the organization?
  • Does your organization experience excessive ramp-up time to train new employees?
  • Is re-training the long-pole in the tent when operationalizing new system changes?
  • Do your customers or employees complain of cryptic error messages?
  • Do different parts of your organization give different answers to the same customer questions?
  • Is meeting a new regulatory or reporting requirement a major effort, requiring a concerted push from the top and significant infrastructure investment?
  • Is IT consistently a bottleneck?
  • Are there different business processes completing the same activity across the company, each with a different system?
  • Is information that is needed to make key product and customer decisions not available?
  • Is a significant part of people's job to take data from one set of systems, manipulate it, and enter it into other systems?
  • Does senior management dread discussing IT agenda items?
  • Is your organization uncertain whether or not it gets good value from IT?

Deployment Options

SRE is designed to run on Amazon's cloud computing platform in either or both of the following configurations:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS):
    Are you new to cloud computing? Then this option may be right for you. This is the best option for new users who want to "try before you buy" without spending alot of time deploying and managing your own server infrastructure. Just register for the FREE trial and begin using within minutes!
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
    Are you an experienced user of Amazon EC2? This option allows you to purchase SRE as an Amazon EC2 AMI image that you can host on your own cloud server for complete control and optimal performance.

Legacy & Cloud Compatible

SRE can be used with any application, service, middleware, or database including:

  • WaveMaker
  • ASP.NET, Java
  • .NET WCF Services
  • BizTalk, Neuron, Mule, Tibco
  • SQL Server, Oracle, DB2
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SDB